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  2. edinmass

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    Yes......I buy lots of tires. I bought twenty 19 inch Firestone’s over the last two years or so........had problems with four of them. All the issues were taken car of no problem, except my labor..........all were from the same batch, as I had a long conversation with the representative. All the issues were different and not any particular production problem. They are just difficult to make hand made bias ply tires.
  3. StylishOne

    56 engine questions..for those who know LMK

    Yes thank you

    Reo Royale

    I think that the model number 3 is diferent in kg 2350 and in serial number 123768, are you with me in this detail? where are this car now? is plate danish?

    Reo Royale

    Dear Alsancle, could you check me if this serial number 123.768 is the car of my grandfather, I attach image and check please if the numbers can to be changed....
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  7. Buffalowed Bill

    It's time for a poll

    Never an argument when it comes to music. I hope that the thread does go on forever. Here are a few that some of you old timers may remember. Pipeline-Chantays Rumble-Link Wray Walk Don't Run-Ventures Sleep Walk-Santo & Johnny Start out with Highway Star and end up with Sleep Walk-I guess that it means it's bedtime-Good night.

    Reo Royale

    Hello Alsancle, where are "Pebble"? I read only 5 cars in the world actually (2 in Musseum de Stugart) but I need to know serial number how can I get serial number?
  9. C Carl

    German photo: Is this a Horch... or?

    Hi Bill, and welcome to AACA forums ! Continue to hang out with us, and you will see that Craig Gillingham has an eye for the eclectic and obscure which I find astounding. This is true for very rare cars, and also components for same. I don't know how he does it. Craig : do you have a photographic, or near photographic memory ? - Carl
  10. Steve It’s not mine and its been around for awhile so you’ve probably seen it already
  11. Last year of the Starter Generator (SG) Unit, and I am beginning to understand why. I am trying to install the (SG) unit on the engine after a removal 55 years ago. The sliding gear moves to the rear when the starter pedal is pressed. The first gear it engages with is the starter generator gear, and then another 1/8" further movement and it begins to engage the flywheel. Without the SG unit in place, the engagement of the sliding gear with the flywheel works well. The problem is that the sliding gear shaft and the SG pinion gear shafts appear to be too close. There is a shelf that the SG unit rests on until you can get the tapered washers in place and begin fastening it down. I tried to show in a drawing where the metal is touching and where the locating cones are touching. There really is no adjustment to alter the centerline for the gears. As I begin to get close to tightening the centering cones, the shafts are tight against each other and the starter won't turn. The SG units are stamped "283" which is correct for the 1925 Standard. I have 2 SG units and they both do the same thing. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a problem with these or would know of the best way to adjust this. On a positive note, I am developing great biceps from dragging this 60 lb unit in and out of the frame. Hugh
  12. I assume they try to keep them all in the family. The one person I know who had two was a du Pont, and I didn't see either up for sale after he passed away.
  13. Hi Richard, please can you post the tolls an Jack page out of a parts book for a 33 Rockne ? Thank you
  14. That was one, the speedster that RM sold at Hershey was the other. any others?
  15. I can't remember, is 58 the year of the long gasket water pump? I believe 56 and 57 was the same pump base but they changed it later? If its 58 and up, you can still get a new pump from NAPA and it has the AC vanes. Likewise, there's a company called Flowkooler that has made a custom impeller from CNC machining using complex fluid analysis that increases pump flow and decreases pump cavitation, making it one knock out pump. The faster you get that coolant moving, the more turbulent the flow and the better your heat transfer will be. Of course the original pump worked just fine, but with the modern advancements you'll probably gain 1 HP lol. When I get to working on my second 322's bottom end, I was expecting to go this route with a TA performance timing cover and 401/425 fuel pump. I am in Willie's camp in that I have had two water pumps rebuilt now. Luckily my castings have been pretty good and I haven't had any leaks. In fact I have had a lot of things rebuilt, but that's irrelevant.
  16. 1956322

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    You can leave it hooked up or tape it off.. The wires going to the starter relay I'd disconnect from the relay and tape off as well...
  17. mike6024

    Lagonda Rapiers

    Wow, I would ask they be handed over to DHL -
  18. Gerczak

    1934 Nash Big 6 $4500

    I think it is an awesome car. Is there a pulley/cable system to work the carb? Is that how they were originally controlled or was that a shade-tree mechanic set-up? I also noticed a bit of hack job on some of the interior gages which would make me a bit concerned about the maintenance of the rest of the car. I hope someone restores it.
  19. mike6024

    Big find in the south of France

    Here is the list of cars -
  20. Yeah the 90 degree sweeps are pretty cool, especially if they have the black ears to hide the rest of the gauge face. I still like my dash of course, but I think the small body 54/55 dash is the hot ticket for the tri-5 Buicks.
  21. Dave Fields

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    Ed: brand new antique car tires will often be 3 or more years old when they are shipped to you.
  22. Is there someone out there that rebuilds or overhauls Magnetos. Bob
  23. c49er

    1949 Dodge Coronet Radio Tone Control

    I think someone installed not enough of the correct knobs on your radio. You need a special dial trim knob to operate (engage) the tone shaft on the left side of your radio...#4 in red is it on one of my pictures.. Two are used on the radio..the Rt tone control wheel is different than the left tone control wheel as the rt control wheel spins loose and does nothing. The #1 in red chrome nut cover does nothing but cover the mounting nut. It is shown from the back side...
  24. Dave Fields

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    Your cooling line adaptor us a bad idea. The hose at some point will slide off and dump your cooling fluid. Been there and done that.
  25. nick8086

    Where do you get rare parts ?

    Not sure if you need a rare part.. I find Some times rare parts do not sell..
  26. I’m new to this site and was wondering if you still have the winged Dodge trunk emblem that appears to be for a 1936? If so, is it for sale? Thank you!
  27. sebastienbuick

    Big find in the south of France

    Yes it is true :/ , if someone is not very far from France in January, I go to auction in January 20, if someone wants to come too
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