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  2. I know only one person who has actually visited the premises. The owner is adamant that none of the cars are leaving. As far as I know they are Ford Mustangs. If any of them are '65's that's a good place for them.
  3. Clutch repair/change in a '63 'Vette is not overly complicated as I recall. Drop the drive shaft (easy-breezy), disconnect the shift linkage and clutch linkage, brace the engine (the rear motor mounts are on the transmission)' unbolt the transmission from the bell housing, unbolt the bell housing and voila, there you are. Unbolt the pressure plate assembly from the flywheel and if the flywheel face is O.K., install a new clutch disc and pressure plate. If the flywheel face is scored or glazed, remove the flywheel and have it re-surfaced or acquire a new one. That is the process as I remember it, but it has been a long time ago since I wrenched on my '64 'Vette. I raced it (time trials mostly) which afforded me ample opportunity for correcting "problems" (usually caused by me). It isn't that big of a deal. Cheers, Grog
  4. Oh, that brings back memories! Thanks for the pic! Ours was blue, no vinyl top. I can't remember how much my dad paid for ours, but it probably wasn't too much less than that...even though it was used. He bought it from my 6th grade student teacher, Mrs. Thurman, and I was in the 6th grade in the 1969-70 school year so it wasn't very old.
  5. Thank you. I will give them a try. Thanks for the trans info.
  6. Barney, The Hollander 40 th edition interchange shows, 1968 Buick LeSabre, Wildcat, and Electra gas tank with filler, will all fit, but will need to switch filler if Electra tank is used. I hope this helps.
  7. What thats news to me. So thanks. I thought the 64-66 dual quad cams are the same, yet 66 non-dual quad cam was different?...
  8. A transmission shop such as Aamco can easily rebuild it. It is the same transaxle used until 2008 at least, in virtually ALL models. 41TE, aka A604 UltraDeive.
  9. I have recently acquired a 1991 Chrysler TC Maserati. Was given to me by my father. Vehicle runs, but transmission trapped in limp mode. Haven't been able to find a mechanic in Denver CO willing to work on it VIN 207241. Red / Beige. Not sure what to do with it. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. I'm new to site, Will
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  11. all 5 pretty good. Just out of decades storage. 75 each thanks 608-332-7405
  12. But did you let it stay for months in the gas tank? That is where it becomes troublesome as it picks up water and goes rancid. It is also more corrosive than real gasoline.Or get a car that doesn't need gas!
  13. My first car was a 1947 Super DeLuxe 2 Door like this one only in much worse condition and painted black. I was 15 when I bought it for the huge sum of $10.00 in 1962. It ran and my best friend drove it home for me since he had a license.
  14. In an older Riview, Denny Manner addressed the differences in the camshafts used in the nailhead engines. Here are a couple of quotes that everyone should find interesting. If you're not familiar with the name of Denny Manner, you should go back to the class entitled "Nailhead basics 101." Here's what Mr. Manners had to say. "All 1964 - 1966 425 dual 4bbl Factory-produced engines used the original 425 camshaft timing." There was not a 'hotter' cam for the dual four barrel carb equipped cars - either factory or over the counter. The page that I scanned is not a JPEG file so I can't copy and paste it here, sorry.. But when I compare the eleven specs for that single four barrel cam to those same eleven specs of the 64 - 66 dual four barrel cam, all eleven specs are exactly the same.
  15. I did just hear back from the Running board molding guy and all he sells is the 1/2" 1/2 Round molding not the wide one. I wonder if any other car used a rocker molding with teh right profile. I have a bunch of NOS rocker moldings . Pretty close might be better than nothing at all. Time for a trip up in the loft. Does anyone have a close up picture of a correct running board with trim that would show the proper profile in relation to the fender bead?
  16. Hello Harm, Have you been busy with the Cleveland or have you had a distraction or two like the rest of us? Regards, Alan
  17. Ron do you own the Gold Bug that was owned and restored by Leonard Jarvis was reportedly owned by Fatty Arbuckle? It was a super nice looking car.
  18. Ken, Someone put the wrong gear on my starter generator and I could not get mine to mesh. Start with verifying this gear. OD and teeth. The Master has 1 less tooth and it fits the same size shaft. There really is no adjustment. Also here are the two links to the brake light installation and the turn signal addition. Hugh
  19. Stateside this Dale in Montana I do have a Graham Bro’s. Chassi w tires and rims on it I would prob. Part with. / 406 557 611one
  20. When I was in high school I keep my 28 in a garage I rented for $5 month. My buds and I would hang out there, no adult supervision. Here we are in 1967. Dave
  21. Ed - the Kissel Klub has a Kissel registry of every known Kissel car. This listing is not public but is accessible to all Kissel owners and their associates. It’s pretty complete but every so often another Kissel that’s unknown will show up. The two Kissels in this post string, for example, were previously not known to the registry. Ron
  22. Alright, I took the lower castle nut off and left the upper one on. I used my baby sledge and rapped on the lower. It worked from what I can tell. I'll have to pull the reaction rod to get that lower arm down. Thank you for the tips!
  23. I drove the car to the muffler shop with open exhaust. It was loud. I didn't get pulled over for excessive noise. Ha! They fitted the Y pipe and connected it to existing pipes. And the muffler shop made the extension piece for the air filter. All painted and looking good. Went for a test drive and she runs really well. Nice bottom end torque for backing up hill slowly to get out of my driveway and on the interstate here is plenty of power. Next I'll be checking the gas mileage. Dave
  24. This thread is about pre - war parts. And the general consensus.... there are masses of pre - war parts out there is really only partially true in my experience. 1939 back to about 1925 and yes , there are literally tons and tons of parts. But mid 20's back to 1916 ; nickel era stuff , sees a sharp falling off. Then a further plunge once you enter the brass era. You would almost expect to see a proportional decline, twice as old - 1/2 the volume but experience tells me this is not true. Definitely less than 10% { more like 2% - 5 % } of the volume of 1930 "s parts I see are brass era. Both the depression and WW2 must have seen a huge quantity of Brass era cars and parts scrapped. The " Museum Parts Collection " photo's I have seen so far look to be heavily weighted toward 1925 and newer. I think the same will apply to nearly every similar parts treasure trove still to be uncovered. The really sad thing in my opinion is that when similar troves fall into the hands of non - car family members they will have no idea how rare the early stuff is. After all for the most part old car parts all look about the same. And early stuff is just as likely to end up in the scrap bin as 38 Plymouth sedan parts. No offense to those of you who treasure your late 1930's Plymouths. Greg in Canada
  25. I, of course have attempted to investigate the dual quad phenomena with the 66 as an owner of a dual quad 66 GS without any engine code stamping. Don't forget that the MZ engines also had a hotter cam. Im curious if the dealerships ever installed this component of the package, or the differentiated distributor setup? How would a dual quad 66 MZ run against a non-factory dual quad is another question.
  26. Is this the trim and paint tag? If not what is it and where might I find the trim and paint codes on my 84 caprice and then decode it?
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