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  2. McCargar

    Glass channel needed

    Does any one have an extra glass channel, the one that mounts to the bottom of a windup window?
  3. misslacey

    1965 Plymouth Barracuda

    Love the 60's plymouths. wish this was in my price range.
  4. McCargar

    1927 buick carb change

    I just turned the original intake manifold over. You have to grind one little spot for clearance but it bolts on without any problems. I used a Carter carb from a mid 60s ford pickup. The bolt pattern on the manifold is at an angle so I made an adapter block (from aluminum) so the carb would be square to the motor. You have to make a cover plate to cover the now opening in the exhaust manifold, which I also used for the heat source for the automatic choke. Starts and runs great and no problem using an electric fuel pump.
  5. misslacey

    MUST SELL 1950 Dodge Coronet $7500

    Ahhh these are such cool cars 😍😍😍
  6. JFranklin

    1947 Super Six anemic engine performance

    How well is your timing advance working?
  7. misslacey

    Can you sell this?

    Most likely, I've seen it done before but the prices have gone down
  8. lump

    Field Find, what is it?

    I think you're right, VALUE-wise. The trouble is, as with a LARGE percentage of vintage project cars, the "going market price" for rough old cars is often much too close to the value of a finished car. It's very uncommon to be able to find a rough-but-complete old car which you can restore (or have restored), which will then be worth what the restoration actually cost in time, money, shop space, bloody knuckles, etc, etc. In truth, MANY old project cars ought to be free (to anyone who will commit to restore it). But even then many of those projects will be "upside down" financially when finished. Yet if you check the price for a rough older project, they are often not cheap.
  9. JB-ed

    1919 Dodge - It's A Wonderful Life

    "Although the jalopy is nearly a century old ...." This from a company that makes its money insuring antique cars? "We will gladly take your money to insure your jalopies."
  10. I never really heard a reply or a solution to my original question, I saw the post about the resistor, anybody else able to shed any light on what I need to do to make it safe for the older wheel installation?
  11. lump

    How old is this?

    Yup. IHC Scouts, early Edsels, 58-59 Chevy's, 57-59 Fords, and a few others. LOL
  12. GARY F

    1927 Pontiac 6-27

    Do you belong to the Pontiac Oakland club? Try ebay and French Lake Auto parts.
  13. SBRMD

    Steering Wheel Repair

  14. Terry Harper

    My 1910 Mitchell "parts car" project

    Nice Joe! Here are a couple of photos of the split cam bearing. The lighting wasn't very good and I had left all the original grease and oil on the cam to protect it until I can clean it for installation. The cams are almost 5 feet long and rather heavy so I cheated and took the photos as is where is. In this photo you can just make out the part line. Also, note the small ears. These are for the screws holding the halves together. Here is a better view - you can make out the head of the screw. The gear is for the oil pump drive.
  15. JB-ed

    Dodge Victory Six

    Yes it is a Victory Six touring in standard trim with wire wheel option. There were touring cars sold in the U.S., and yours appears to be a Budd bodied export. The color may be Dauphine Red and Manitoba brown. These colors were offered on roadsters, and since it is most likely that roadsters and touring cars came down the same assembly line, it is possible that a touring car snuck by with roadster colors. However, this color scheme on your car was not announced by the factory. Of course this does not matter; you just need to enjoy this car. It is beautiful! The brass work on your car is a fantasy, since all the brightwork was chrome, but it looks like fun as it is. The touring car was offered in standard trim (like yours) and in sport trim. The difference was that the sport models had spare wheels in the fenders (sidemounts), cowl lights, and a trunk rack on the back. However, your car, in standard trim, is more rare than the sport model. Both types of touring cars are quire rare however. There was one other car like yours found in India but it was exported to Dubai where it is driven practically every day. Before it was restored, it was nearly worn out, probably having accumulated hundreds of thousands of miles. The owner shipped it to the U.S. for restoration. Tom Myers, (Google Myers Early Dodge) sells a CD containing an enormous amount of information about your car. It costs only $10 US. I highly suggest you buy it.
  16. Just got my block back from the Chevy/ford machine shop, pretty sure the cam bearings are in wrong. Can someone please confirm front to back which bearings go where? The 3 holer is in the front. They put the 2 hole one in the second position and one of the holes goes nowhere, has metal behind it. 3,4,5 are one holes, but I dont think the 2 hole goes in the #2 spot front to back......
  17. Layden B

    Houk wire wheel 25" rim size

    Houk #5 size center wire wheel with 25" rim and lock ring. $600 packaging included, domestic shipping by FedEx at cost.
  18. Hi Gene, I finally got around to installing the chromed steering cover you sent me last fall. First, I had trouble getting the steering wheel pulled b/c I used the wrong bolts and stripped part of one of the threads (Duh!) I got that sorted out so was able to proceed with replacing the cover. One challenge as others have noted was removing the old pressed-on cover from the steering column. I tried various methods, including Tom M's small prybar method, but that old cover wouldn't come off. Then rooting around in my toolbox I found a pair of Channel-lock pliers that turned out to do the trick! By gently prying with the jaws against the hub around its circumference I was finally able to get the cover off. Here's the new cover installed: Looks much better! I'll put my old cover in the mail for you this week, as promised. Cheers,
  19. 28baker

    Studebaker owner's manuals

    Just recently acquired a 1928 Studebaker Commander Victoria 4 Pass. with the 'Big Six' engine. I do need an 'Owner's Manual' and source for oil pan gasket(s).
  20. Sactownog

    Get it before the butchers do

    i want it bad.
  21. The 55er

    Hydramatic Transmission oil level check

    Are you sure the transmission is supposed to be in the Drive position and not in Neutral? I have included a section of the GM Hydra-matic Transmission Service Manual from 1946-1955 that explains the proper procedure for checking the fluid level. See step 2.
  22. Today
  23. As many of us do, I occasionally peruse Craigslist to see what's out there. My search for Buick Riviera turned up this surprising listing close to me here in Canada: Of course my interest was quickly drawn to the fact that this is purported to be a Gran Sport, highly optioned. Also, the seller is claiming to be located near Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, just a ferry ride away from me. Upon closer look I noticed some 'anomalies' such as the bullet outside rear view mirrors on both sides, and the Gran Sport emblems on the fenders and trunk are not in their factory correct locations. Nonetheless, the car has the 2x4 engine, deluxe interior, A/C, etc. The first hint that something may be amiss with the listing is that the price is rather low, especially as the seller is in Canada and presumably is asking for Canadian dollars ($1.00 Cdn = $0.70 US). So, I sent an email via CL's server to ask the seller a few questions about the car. A day or so later I got a reply via CL from the seller, but he didn't answer ONE of my questions. He asked for me to communicate with him via my personal email. That raised another red flag. A closer look at the listing's pictures raised further suspicions. The vegetation behind some of the photos is not consistent with what you'd normally see here in the Pacific Northwest (I'm an expert on trees). Hmmm. To further investigate whether this may be a scam listing I Google Mapped the supposed location of the seller (as shown on the location map in the listing). The houses and trees don't match the photos in the listing, confirming my suspicions of this being a scam listing. I further read on this forum that there had been ads for a green GS floating around online that were scams. Is this the same car? Lastly, how does this scam work? If the seller gets my personal email address, what could he do with it? Wouldn't he need rather more info to do something nefarious? I'd never buy a car based merely on an online ad. I'd want to go inspect the car and drive it, etc. A transparent scam would be to offer a car like this for super low price hoping some sucker might send a money order or bank transfer without actually seeing the car in person. Do people fall for that? Your thoughts?
  24. Saltbush

    Dorothy with Car c.1930

    I think those are all 1928 photos of the body works. Bottom one was tagged 1928.
  25. Yes, totally agree Spinney. I am hoping it will make enough difference to improve day time performance.
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