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  2. The cop seems to be asking himself if the Ford is street legal or not...
  3. Interesting car. The front fenders are not attached to the running boards. The headlamps appear to be much older. Look like lamps used on 04 and 05 Buicks. The Pennant attached to the windshield may hold a clue. Time to go through the old car catalog again.
  4. I have two brand new seat back foam for 63-64 Riviera from Clarks Corvair for sale . You have to buy both bottom and seat back together and I only needed the bottoms. Will sell the seat backs for $35 each or $65 for the pair + $15 shipping to continental U.S . Send me a PM if interested . Thanks KReed ROA 14549
  5. My understanding struggling also but now doing only interiors. Do they have pre war interiors?
  6. I was wondering when you were going to chime in, Keith. Your car looks fantastic! You should post a "before" pic to show how much work you had to do.
  7. Is Jenkins still up and running? I heard they were struggling, too.
  8. Dual master cylinders weren't OE, either. Should we all take them out? IMHO, a black cover against a black battery on the positive cable is about as innocuous as it gets, and it allows for much cleaner cable runs. And OE or not, two black cables is just stupid. It would be interesting to know just how much space there is between the outboard terminal and the hood. Someone should put a glob of PlayDoh on top of the battery and slam the hood. Are we really thousandths of an inch away from catastrophe? Or can we avoid that by adjusting the bumpers accordingly?
  9. You are in luck. I have that bar. In my search for the foot rest for my 1925 Buick I bought several and I kept getting closer to the correct one. I finally have the correct bar. I have these others that I will be selling. PM me and we can talk. Hugh
  10. Where do those of us who have or are restoring pre war Buicks go now?
  11. Here's a couple of pictures of my '41 Roadmaster. As for production of Canadian Roadmaster coupes, this is the only one known to still exist, the body number is 8, out of no one know how many, but the chassis number is about 1/2 through the year, or so, maybe there were 10-20 made. Only about 2,750 made of the US model, don't have my BCA roster handy, so I'll look up the numbers when I can to see how many that are registered, but don't think its' very many. The colour on mine is a correct '41 shade called Royal Maroon, and was repainted by me during its' restoration. It was a tough car to do, due to living all of its' life here in Ontario. It is also sporting the optional bumper guards, usually called "Elephant Ears", but not fender skirts. I love the look of the skirts on your car! Keith
  12. Do you have a kid or a grandchild who could do it? I don't mean to sound flippant, but my kids can figure stuff out that baffles me when it comes to electronics. This shouldn't be hard, but it can seem impossible if you're not tech savvy. Take some photos with your phone, then hand it to a kid and tell them what you want done. Easy!
  13. I have a brand new set of clutch discs with instructions on how to install them. I had 5 sets made and one person backed out after the parts were delivered. I can even let you borrow the rivet tool if you promise to return it. I will sell it at cost. PM me if you are interested. Hugh
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  15. Well the underside of my hood wasn't bare but that didn't stop anything. Rubber covers were not OE either.
  16. Pfeil

    360 hp 455

    I have the 70 455 in the car, two 455 spares one a 73 short block and one complete 1975. They all have those plastic cam sprockets along with Cadillac all the way up to 500 and down the other side in 425, 368. Olds too. Even the Ford FE high rise 427 -425hp engine came with plastic camshaft gears. The short deck Gen 2 Olds is a great engine, there is another short deck to play with besides the 330 -350 and that is the 403. It is a big bore with the 330 short stroke. It can rev with that Bore / stroke ratio and big valves can be added. It's only draw back is in a road racing / endurance application it has problems with burning pistons because of it's Siamese bores with no full jacket cooling, but for the street and drag racing they are great. The tall deck 400 and especially the 425 are my favorite BB Olds.
  17. These are mid 20's Buick ignition and light switch levers.
  18. Glad it's going to work out for you. Hope this engine is OK for you so you can get back on the road.
  19. I hear you, I have a lot of pics that I took with my Nikon, but have not figured out a way to use them in the forum. I can only load one pic at a time. I have taken a pic of my screen with my smartphone and sent it to my email and that has worked. Sounds goofy, but you do what you gotta do. Mike
  20. After reading all the post the original post came to mind. I have a friend who has the same trans in a 1963 Bonneville. After he rebuilt the engine nearly the same conditions as above. The trans before the engine rebuild shifted normally. After the rebuild the car would not move. What about transmission adjustments? The special tool for setting the TV rod and the adjustment checked over and over, still a no go. I have two Supers and two Roto Hydra-Matic spares on the shelf for some internal parts you just cannot get in even a Master kit. I pulled the tv rod off one of my Supers went back to his house ( thank god we both have lifts) and low and behold we had a bent TV rod. The rod was bent because my friend decided to leave the TV rod hooked to trans tape it up and somehow by either removal or install of the engine it became bent on the transmission hump. I can't emphasize how important the TV rod adjustment. The Hydra-Matic service manual has about 14 things to check for in a no drive condition and the #1 on the list is this adjustment. Problem is this long bent rod if damaged will not work with all the adjusting by the book. Luckily we had my rod to compare and re-bend his back to the proper length and adjust all over and it was OK. My buddy said that while separating the engine from the trans he had to do some wiggling around to get the off the locating pins... I expect that is when it happened. FYI this transmission just like the one that preceded it in 1955 and all the way back to 1940 does NOT have a torque converter. It has Two fluid couplings, one large one to connect the engine to the transmission and the other smaller one ( which takes the place of the original Hydra-Matic's front clutch and drum) for controlling the front planetary gearset. Cadillac calls it 315 Hydra-Matic, Olds calls it Jetaway, Pontiac calls it Super Hydra-Matic and Detroit Gear/ Hydramatic division ( who designed it) call it 4 speed Controlled Coupling Hydra-Matic, or sometimes Dual Coupling HydraMatic.
  21. I love the light steering. My 67 mustang had super light steering, I could easily drive with my pinky finger. My 92 vette's steering is so stiff it's like the mustang when it broke a belt. I have carpal-tunnel in my wrist, it causes it to hurt. Gotta use both hands sometimes. With the mustang, it used to wander and hunt, changing the alignment from the old bias ply settings helped a lot. It also saved wear on the wide radials. Telriv posted these specs for first gen Riv's before: Castor: 3* to 4* ; Camber: -.25* ; Toe in between 5/32 to 1/4"
  22. So the drop off location was in a small rural area outside of Asheville, North Carolina .... My customer had lined up an area towing service transport to meet me but when I called them - they wanted nothing to do with the job. So I started calling around and found a small family operated local tow service with a rollback truck - the shop equipment and tools were at the back of the trailer - that was the first load. Jim Father and Son
  23. To put in perspective, I would trust a Jim Butler 455 (or larger) to do whatever he said it would, with the proper prep (and a SD oil pump) they will last. However I also remember constant crank failures in 70 Bonnes when I was in Flint those years and a significant redesign in oiling for '71. I forget when they started using steel timing gears instead of phenolic ('72 ?) but was also an issue. Yes they used the same block forever but that was not a plus, the narrow bore centers meant to achieve 455 (marketing move) it was necessary to make it undersquare with a 4.15" bore and a 4.21" stroke. Meanwhile Buick came out with a new engine in the '60s and their 455 had a 3.9" stroke with much lower stresses at high RPM. Meanwhile the Chev 454 had a 4" stroke but the Olds 455 was even more at 4.25" (I always thought the Olds 350 was a better engine and almost bought a Rallye 350 but was told there would be a 4 month wait for 4-speed/posi/AC so bought a '70 Buick GS instead (partly because of the short stroke 455). Won a lot of autocrosses with that car.
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