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AACA Central Spring Nationals in Auburn, IN


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AACA Central Spring Nationals
Auburn, IN - July 1-3, 2021


We hope this gets your engines revved up!  


This year promises to be our biggest and best!  The traditional show at Auburn Auction Park courtesy of RM Auctions will be held July 1-3 in Auburn, Indiana. Located on hundreds of acres of property, a LOT of asphalt and large buildings allows us to do everything we need in a year of some uncertainty due to the virus.


AACA is continuing a tradition of inviting other car clubs to join us at national events.  Our goal for this event is to continue our mission of helping everyone in the hobby, not just our members, which is why our library is a free library, and our website hosts other car club forums for free.  



  • Auburn IN is the home of great car museums and wonderful countryside.  
  • The facility we use is directly off an exit on an Interstate highway so it is easy access on and off.  
  • There are plenty of hotel rooms in the vicinity.  
  • Friday night we will have a cruise-in to downtown Auburn and the A-C-D Museum and the NATMUS Museum will stay open late for our car clubs.  
  • We expect to have a great flea market and car corral from Friday to Saturday as well and the cost for spaces is more than reasonable.  It is a deal!  
  • Saturday’s show will allow the clubs to park separately but anyone who is an AACA member will still be eligible to get their car judged even if it is parked with the marque club.  
  • Our world class banquet by award winning BBQ chef, Tim Johnson and family will be held again and anyone who has been at Auburn in the past can tell you it is amazing!  Tim will also be serving breakfast and lunch on Saturday.


Buick, AMC and Hudson-Essex-Terraplane - SPECIAL SPOTLIGHT


  • We have been asked to invite Buick owners and provide a separate venue for the Buick fans to have a judged event. The Buick Heritage Alliance will be supporting the show by providing very special awards. The awards are spectacular and unlike any you have ever experienced most likely! The traditional trophy awarded at national Buick meets by The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage in Allentown will also be awarded.  Buick owners do not hesitate to register as we have room for over 1,000 cars properly spaced and room to feed everyone. As an example, we fed 700 people in 2019 in 25 minutes!  Again, you have a chance to be judged at both the Buick display and AACA on the same day! Information will be available online at www.aaca.org/buickshow for the Buick folks.
  • Hudson-Essex-Terraplane fans have been invited and their cars will be displayed in their own separate area.  
  • AMC owners fans have been invited and their cars will be displayed in their own separate area. 


Special Memberships for Non-AACA members


We have a special ½ year membership you can purchase for $20, available June 1, which will allow you to be judged by AACA.  




AACA has over 100 judging classes and special classes for unrestored cars, “driver” cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. Our Judging Guidelines can be found at  https://www.aaca.org/images/judge/2020_Judging_Guidelines.pdf  





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