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Where's Mrs. W.P.C's 1937 Imperial LeBaron Town Car?

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Back in 1986 I lived in NYC, and in the summer we'd tour L.I. and elsewhere to escape the city's heat. One of our treks was to Centerville, L.I., to William K. Vanderbilt's "Eagle's Nest", at the time (and still) a House Museum. Imagine my surprize to find this 1937 Chrysler Imperial Custom Town Car, languishing outdoors in the courtyard of the Estate. Even then, it was looking fairly tattered, and the metal cover over the chauffeur's compartment looked odd, as if a later addition. Still, even in my 29-year-old eyes, it was a very impressive and important automobile.

I'd read that it was built by LeBaron for Mrs. Walter P. Chrysler, and recall seeing or reading about it a few years ago. If memory serves, it had been restored, and the metal cover replaced with a proper canvas or naugahyde collapsible cover. Was the tacked-on roof metal original to the car, removable for the change of season?

So, my query is this, where's the car now? Hopefully in a better place than sitting outside, suffering the indignities of the Long Island elements.

Curious in Carolina,




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