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Selling NORS axle shafts-1930s International truck models+ Dia T

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One each of the following axles is available. Pls e-mail me at for parts numbers, other dimensions, etc. Keep a spare on hand, as it takes too long to find one after one snaps!

1. Int'l 1932-37 1.5 - 2 ton, models B2 M2 C10 C20 C30 C35 M3 D35 C35B A-1 A-2 A-3 B-3 using full floating axle, A-38, C35T

Type 7 (flanged), 10 splines w/diam 1.618, length 32-3/4"

Flange data: 5-3/8" bolt circle; six 1/2" bolt holes, fl diam 6-3/8

2. Int'l 1933-40 D1 D2 D5 C1 C5

Type 1, 10 splines w/diam 1.280, bearing 1.562T, length 30-3/16

3. Int'l 1936-40 3/4 - 1.5 ton with spoke wheels: C12 C300 D30 D300 D30B D186T

Type 7 (flanged) 16 splines w/diam 1.620, length 34-5/16

Flange data: 5-3/8" bc, six 1/2-inch bolt holes, fl diam 6-5/16"

4. Int'l 1936-40 3/4 - ton D15 C15

Int'l 1938-40 1.5 - 2 -ton w/disc wheels

Type 7 (flanged), 10 splines w/diam 1.368, length 34.5"

5. Diamond T 1936-38 Eaton 2-speed with six 1/2" bolt holes

Int'l 1936-40 1.5 - 2 ton, except (not for disc wheels) 2-spd--models DS30 DS35 DS186T CS20 CS35 DS300 DS35B CS30 CS35 CS35T CS35B

also Eaton axle 2-speed 1936-38 GMC R2200 R2300

Type 7 (flanged), 16 splines w/diam 1.745, length 34-1/8

Flange data: 5-5/16 bc, six 1/2" holes fl diam 6-5/16

6. Int'l 1937-40 DR50 DR246T **RIGHT SIDE ONLY**

Type 7 (flanged), 16 splines w/diam 1.977, length 40-7/8

Flange data: fl diam 6-5/8" 5.25 bc eight 41/64" bolt holes


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