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Moyers Fuel Tank Renu

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I recently posted a query regarding Moyers Fuel Tank Renu of Greenburg PA. I recieved a number of responses. I decided to send the tank from my 1940 Special to them for reconditioning. Here is how it went. The tank had numerous pinhole leaks on the upper surface and would constantly "weep" fuel; wasteful and a fire hazzard. I followed their directions on preparing the tank for shipping and sent it off.

I got it back two weeks later. I was very pleased with their work. The tank now is rust-free, leak-free and as good as new from all outward appearances. Speaking of outward appearances, if you have a car that will be judged, you may wish to have them skip the outer coat they put on tanks. It shows brush marks and flow lines and is certainly not the original outer tank surface. But, if your primary criteria are that the tank looks nice and holds gas, then this is the way to go. The cost, not including shipping, was $285.00. I recommend their service.

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