1954 Anglo-American Vintage Car Rally Program

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This neat piece came from a box of assorted odds and ends my father had collected over his years in the hobby. Henry Austin Clark is one of the contestants featured in the program, that cost two shillings in 1954. About 40 pages long, and in very nice shape.$25 US shipping included PM me if interested thanks for looking

Wonder where those cars are now????







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I have one of the banners that Clark put on his 1916 Pierce 66 for this rally.  In the picture of Clark and his wife waving, you can see the edge of the banner on the hood of his car.  There's also a period video of this rally, I believe it's on YouTube.   There was a follow up rally in the States a couple of years later, with British teams coming this way over the pond.


For the Pierce guys, I've submitted an article on this rally for the ARROW club publication, hopefully you'll see it soon.

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DO not think that gal sitting in the Pierce is Waleta Clark. I rode around with Austin in that Pierce 66 several times on visits to his auto museum in Southampton. Great car and with the sparse coachwork and 3 spare tires out the back if you went around a curve or corner at speed the weight of the rear tires would break the rear tires on the car loose from the road so you would slide the rear end of the car around. Tires were narrow so there was not much to break loose from the ground. I was glad Austin told me to "hang on" when that was about to happen, as it did get your blood pressure up at the moment it was happening. I had many rides in his type 35 Mercer raceabout as well and he liked to "blow the carbon out" of the engine on the route just west of the museum that ran north/ south from Sag Harbor in the north to Southampton in the south. All the local cops knew him well so ignored his 80mph+ speed we would be going at. He told me ( in the Mercer) if you don't want to fall out of the car turn part way around and hold on to the cap that was the filler for the gas tank that was behind the bucket seats. Worked well and was good advice, I am still here. I worked full and part time for him at his home in Glen Cove in the early 1970s in his library sorting and filing material, doing research, answering questions etc. I have very fond memories of this great friend and his knowledge and amazing sense of humor. We used to drive his 29 :Lincoln dual cowl phaeton into Manhattan to West 54th street between 6 th and 7th Ave to listen to jazz music at Jimmy Ryan's jazz club . I was with him when he bought a patent model of a horse drawn wagon with a body by a Pa. coachbuilder at the Gotham Book mart in Manhattan, I always admired that and about 10 years later we did a trade and I still have that patent model . To many memories and stories of fun times with Homer K. Weivelknip .WG

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