Finally finished after 3 years - 64 Riviera

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Hey guys,


finally my 64 Rivera is nearly finished - in between the project I thought it would never be possible, but in the end the result is exactly as it was in my mind all the time before.

This is a 64 Riviera which has been set into service in Austria in 65. Thus it has an original km/h-Odometer.


The engine has been completely rebuild, the transmission too, much more bodywork than expected, due to that the original paint could not be saved. As a result I chose a colour, which every varnisher can easily reproduce, as it is a standard colour.


A lot of people did a great job on this car...and I'm very happy with the result. 


Cheers from Germany









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Gorgeous color ! I am glad you chose a color YOU LIKE and not worry about what others think if you stray outside originality . It's kinda like my grandparents did when they put plastic seat covers on their 62 Oldsmobile so they wouldn't stain the covers and they would be In good shape for the next guy . 😬


ROA 14549

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Looks cool. 


Curious what folks in Germany have to say about this car.  There were so few non-European cars there when I visited Germany a few years ago, and very, very few old classics.

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3 years? ugh!! I’m soooo jealous. I’m going on double that time frame & no where near the finish line haha


CONGRATS!!! Happy for u. Looks bitchen!!


Any interior & underhood pix? 

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