George Albright

Looking for a 1900-10 electric car charging station for a friend. Leads appreciated

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Dear Friends, Jeff Huber of Gainesville,Fla. is restoring a 1904 Studebaker electric. I am asking the AACA family to look and ask around for who might have a 1900-10 electric car charging station he can display with the car when finished. Here is a photo of one I found on Google. I have seen one or two for sale on AACA through the years. Not especially collectible unless you want one to display. Let me know if you or any leads might have one. Thanks,george Albright,Ocala,Fla.  cell 352 843 1624  weekdays 10-4 EST email


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7 minutes ago, Hudsy Wudsy said:

I've never seen one before this. Wow, it's really diabolical looking -- straight out of some mad scientist's lab.


You can probably get one from the Dr Frankenstein laboratory supply company.  I hear they have quite a demand for them this time of year!


Actually a creative person could make a look alike unit with old surplus electrical hardware if the only need is for it to appear as if it works.  

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