need help with my 25 DB carb

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Has it always been like that or changed recently.  If always, then the mixture position probably just needs adjusting.  If recent then could be fuel starvation, blockage or sticky/faulty float?

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Has the car not been started for a while?  If so, it could be something is gummed up.  If the dash pot is stuck I believe it could cause a problem like this.  A vacuum leak can also cause this symptom.  This cross section shows the dash pot and is from Dyke's Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia.  I found it on Google and was able to download a copy.  Lots of good general troubleshooting info in there.  Do you have a copy of the DB Mechanic' Instruction Manual?  I often see reprints available on Ebay for not much money.  Have you searched this forum?

Stuart Carb cross sect..jpg

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