1926 Carburetor Issues and Also a Wanted Ad for Bell Crank

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Hello everyone,


over the the weekend I got to get some time on the road in the old 26 and I have a few issues I need to address. First, I did a disassemble and clean up on my Stewart carburetor a few months ago. I repacked the shaft for the pinion and thought I had it, but now I have a fuel leak at the shaft. 


I'm going to disassemble again and repack and see if that helps. Is there a sweet spot I'm  looking for on tightening the packing down? I think maybe it was too tight. We'll see.  


Now to the ad part. While attempting to get the leaking to stop I tried to tighten down the nuts for the shaft while the carb was on the car. I ended up breaking the bell crank lever. It snapped where the screw clamps it to the shaft. I guess I was pushing on it too much. Anyone have a spare? 


As as a side note, my carburetor has the float bowl on the opposite side of this photo. 



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Not sure if yours is the same as mine (pic below) but I didn't have any leaking problems after replacing the packing.  I fitted the shaft then wound the packing around the shaft in a clockwise direction (so it wouldn't unwind when fitting the nut).  Then fitted the nut and gradually tightened checking that the shaft would still be able to move easily - I found that I went past the point of easy movement but then after moving back and forth a few times it freed up a little.  I repeated this a few times and then tightened the locknut - haven't had a drop leak since. 


Perhaps your shaft has some damage which is stopping it sealing correctly?





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Possible that there is damage. I might have to recheck. Your pic looks identical to what I have and your methods are exactly as I did.

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