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I spotted this interesting cowl tag on one of the 66 Riviera's that was at the Riviera's in the Park picnic this weekend. 

I was wondering what the option codes mean. 


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58 minutes ago, 68RIVGS said:

. . . where's that Shawn fellow when you need him ?


I was hoping our '66 resident expert, JZRIV, would chime in here and decode the tag for Mike?


I'm not sure if the '66 is the same as the '65, so I didn't want to answer with incorrect info. If they are the same the "M" is not mentioned on the ROA site, so that must be different? 

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09E              F
ST 66-49487 EUC 20044 BODY
4F 5K

09E = build date = September (09) 1965, fifth week (E)

F = body shipped to Flint, MI for final assembly


49487 = Fisher body style number
4 = Buick
94 = Riviera
87 = 2-door hardtop coupe


EUC = body built at Euclid, OH
20044 = EUC body number


Trim 651 = Custom trim, Blue Vinyl with Bucket-Type Front Seats
R = seat code = Reclining bucket seat


Paint code XX = solid Riviera White


Accessory option codes:


Group 1
E = Tinted glass (all windows)
X = Power Windows (Except Vents)
T = 4-Way Power Seat - bucket, left seat only
S = Power Trunk Release
M = Vacuum Operated Door Locks


Group 2
K = Air Conditioner
G = Long console
R = Rear seat speaker    


Group 3
B = Rear Window Defroster


Group 4
F = Remote controlled outside driver's mirror


Group 5
K = Door Edge Guards

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sean1997 thanks for the decode. This is a very well optioned Riviera and it was a very early production build!

This is the car the cowl tag belongs to. A 66 GS. I did not get any pictures of the interior. 


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