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I came across an attic full of classic Cadillac parts from the cars my father used to own. They have been up there for 30+ years. Most are N.O.S. parts, my father was a purist, and originality was paramount to him. Back to my point. I need assistance with their worth/pricing. I have done some research into it, but there is alot of s@#$ up there....any help appreciated, thanks.

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There is no way anyone can help you without pictures. I would suggest placing the pictures of the parts that you  know the year,make & model in  General Discussion .  Parts that need identification in the What is it forum below.

In both cases do not put a bunch of parts in one post.  I understand this takes a lot of effort on your part, but that is the best way for us to help you.  

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Hi Squinn, sorry for your loss.. I'm sure he was a good man. Most purist's are of high character and I'm sure he appreciates your efforts going through the parts.


First you have to decide, do you want to take pics in the attic and not have to move all of it just to take pics or would it be best to move to a spread out location in order to have better lighting and access for when the time comes to sell or ship items.


You have a few options.

1.) Bulk everything together and sell as one auction or lump sell

2.) Section it out - IE lights/lamps in one category, hubcaps/wheel parts in another as an example. 

3.) Sell each item one at a time. 

4.) Hire someone to do it all for you for a percentage


As Curt said, the key is plenty of photos... no car guys/gals will buy parts without photos for obvious reasons.


I'd recommend getting the iPhone or Android  out and use some good lighting in the attic and not move everything. Take plenty of pics and upload sections at a time and I'm sure most guys can tell you if they see anything they are interested in. At that point you'll get fair offers on this forum if your thinking of selling on this format. If you're looking to sell on eBay or other avenues you will have to painstakingly go through each item one at a time for listing purposes or as I mentioned list as one bulk auction or section it out. Remember the fees and shipping costs will apply in most situations. Figure your cost of at least 10% off the top of each item as a fair barometer for shipping and handling and then remember uncle Sam will want his cut now plus the state will want a cut. If there is a s*&T ton of stuff you may want to consult a tax person to verify how much is taxable.


This will at least get you started and you may decide to change your approach once you start going through it. I'm sure you'll encounter times of indecision and getting overwhelmed but as you sift through the items your answers will come. Hold on to items that you like and have an attachment to. As long as you keep moving forward on your efforts the answers will come. If your not in any rush try not to tackle it all at once, this has taking your father years to accumulate so take your time and enjoy it the best you can. If for some reason you have to get it out soon, then you may want to hire someone.


Post pics, we'll help with what we can.

Good luck 




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Where are you located?  I used to buy and sell NOS parts.  Kind of got out of it,  but might be willing to go back (against my better judgement ). if the right deal presents itself.  Did he have any literature as well? 

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