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D Jarvis

1925 Cadillac 5 door Passenger Coupe Parts

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Welcome to AACA forums, David! 

You have come to a wonderful place for "Nickle Era" cars. I would say that I may be the most active member here with a V63 Cadillac, but do not have the parts you would like. As you may know, bumpers were accessories on these cars. So any period correct bumpers will do. I will post pictures of front and rear which I have, but looking online you can see quite a variety. As far as the Klaxon, this will depend on how much of a stickler for absolute authenticity you are. There was a difference between early and late V63s. Many different types do sell through the forum here. I suggest you introduce yourself above in "General Discussion" at the top. Include pictures. I think the majority of our active members here are in our 60s and 70s, many with decades of experience with cars of this era. The same can also be said for the younger and older folks, a number of whom are fortunate to be 2nd or 3rd generation old car guys and gals. The lucky of us in such status literally have a lifetime of experience.


I would highly recommend you joining up with your fellow New Zealanders in the  Cadillac and LaSalle Club. Do you know any members ? Ron Melville ? Maurice Hendry ? Have you read Hendry's account of V63 service carrying passengers and freight across the Middle East from the mid '20s through the mid'30s ? It was started by some of your countrymen,  the Nairn Brothers. That chapter inspired my search for  and purchase of this original, unrestored example 30 years ago. The only deviations from original would be the repaint decades prior to my ownership (fortunately original colors), and the somewhat indecent liberties I took with the wheels. As the original paint and pinstriping had been painted over, I felt OK with that. Remarkably, the top and headliner came off the assembly line ! Still holding up,  although I have never risked putting the top down. Too brittle. I also have a 1927 Cadillac sedan, original down to the original green paint. At the risk of boring most who have seen the pictures already, I will Incude pictures of it too so you can see another  set of aftermarket bumpers.


Say : There is another forum you must join. Mike Barnes in Vancouver, B.C. started a yahoo group for Early V8 Cadillacs. I will fwd this to him so as to recruit you.


Again, I am quite happy to have another V63 owner here. I do hope you stay with us in whatever appropriate category. I don't really have much of anything to sell, and so don't spend much time on  Parts Wanted.

Off to do something. Looking forward to hearing from you above, and I am sure everyone will enjoy meeting you and your 1925 Cadillac. Do you have any other old cars ?    -   Carl 






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As Carl writes, there were two horn styles. First was short and mounted at the front of the engine; both Carl’s and my V63 touring cars are the first model, and have that horn. Second type horn was longer and fitted above the carburetor. It was, in fact, bolted to the horseshoe-shaped carb heater and requires a bracket. Do you know which type is right for your car? I believe I have a spare of the second type.  There is a contact in New Zealand you should know about. If we can figure out how to private message, I will send it to you.

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