1932 Chrysler CI-6 Coupe (build card info)

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We have a 1932 Chrysler CI-6 Coupe with a rumble seat.  It is not an original car or a show car.  The frame and body are original Chrysler, the running gear has been replaced (Chevy).  It was hot rodd'ed out many years ago, probably due to the original running gear being missing.  My uncle has had this car for most of my life, and now I have it.  I do not think there are any real plans to do an original restoration on it, just a good going through to make it safe and probably a color change.


I was able to get a copy of the build card from Chrysler, they informed me that they no longer are able to offer any kind of decoding of it.  I would like to figure out what the original color of it was, that way I can have it listed that way on the title.  And possibly change it back to that when we repaint.


Thanks for any help and information.



32 Chrysler build card (edit).jpg



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I am kinda surprised at how hard it has been to find decoding info on this.  Then again I've never tried looking up info on an 86 year old car.


I am open to suggestions and all the help I can get.



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