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Antennae is bent

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Some idiot swung the hose around while in the coin op car wash with the radio on.  Bent the antennae (sp?) and now it will not retract all the way.

Do I have to get in there and unbolt the entire unit in order to get it working again?

What trick have you performed to fix this problem?  Or are you not an idiot like me?

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I take the antenna completely apart..........if it is not bent too badly it can be straightned.   I did it by hand for a long time and then built a fixture....I can rotate the mast and find the high side and bend it .....try to get it back to within .010 out of round.

the other option is to get a unbent one from the salvage yard from another GM car and put it into your antenna.    First measure the diameter of the largest section of movable chrome mast....yours should be .300 in 1991 they reduced the size to .250 dia.

you cannot put a .250 in a .300 assembly and the old .300 mast are getting harder to find.

You might luck out and have a replacement ....if the date code on the mast is 1991 or later it may have a .250 mast which is easier to find.

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There are differences  but all 1980 - 200? are very similar antenna.   The Reatta antenna is threaded at the top like those in the attached photo.

Note the end positioned by the top has no threads and Cadillac used that end.    Above I mentioned the difference in the size of the chrome mast.

I failed to note the change in fittings for the coax....the top antenna is a 1991 and newer and the coax plugs into the silver fitting near the top....

1990 and earlier use the coax on the lower antenna,  it is about 16" long and plugs into the coax coming from the radio.

Bottom line is you can use parts but just picking up a Delco antenna from another GM cars may not be plug n play on your car.


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