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Car spotting in Port Townsend, WA

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After our visit to Victoria, we drove on to Port Townsend, WA, a town that had its heyday in the 1890s, but is now a funky place with old buildings and lots of good restaurants. Without having planned it, we hit the weekend of the wooden boat festival, so we were entertained by lots of antique boats. Nonetheless, we saw lots of neat cars, too. I saw another one of those 1957 Buick hardtops with the divided rear windows, but missed the pic. On the way into town, we passed some cars for sale:  three Morris 1000s and a decent looking MG Midget. I didn’t see prices on the Morris cars, but the same guy is selling them. They looked restorable. 

Walking around the town, we found Bergstrom’s Antique and Classic Autos, a shop with an eclectic collection of NOS and used parts for sale and a few cars. One of the cars was another Morris Minor. Farther along the streets, there was a Fiat Spyder and a gorgeously restored Saab wagon. On our way out of town, there was one more Morris Minor parked in a drveway, well restored with a current plate. Strange to find 5 Minors in one little town!











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