Ben's 1970 Barracuda

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Hello all! Welcome to my build thread!

I am a student at McPherson College, I hope to have this car at least in paint by my senior year. We have a big car show on campus at the end of each year, so that is my goal. 

I picked up this '70 Barracuda back in April. I had enough time to get an A-Pillar done before I headed to England for an internship. I should have plenty of time to get things done now. Needs a new front left frame rail and most of the exterior panels as well.

Some specs:

1970 Plymouth Barracuda 
383 HO 4-bbl (don't have it, unfortunately)
4 speed with pistol grip
8 3/4 posi rear end, 3.23 gear
B5 blue with a white vinyl top
White interior 
Air Conditioning
Manual steering and brakes

The plan:

Full restoration-ish. Some upgrades here and there, but I want to keep it looking stock. Especially the color combo, which I think is beautiful. 

I have a 440 6 pack to build and put in it, but I am also leaning towards a Gen 3 Hemi swap as well. I plan on keeping the flat hood if the engine can fit beneath. 

Thanks for any advice you have along the way! I'm learning through this experience while also learning in classes, so bear with me on some of it.



















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Some updates: 


  • The rear end is off of the car, I plan to rebuild it in class here at school. 
  • 4-Speed is rebuilt, I did this in class over the last few weeks. 
  • I have removed the right fender well and the upper cowl.
  • Both A-pillars are new and welded in place. 
  • Patches are close to done on the upper firewall so I can get the cowl back on. 

Lots of work! but I am excited to see how this project turns out!











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I have welded in the shock tower on the right side. It turned out very well! I did a small patch on the firewall underneath the inner fender to firewall piece, then made the top half of the panel as well. the only part holding me back from welding in the cowl and the right inner fender is some paint. I have some single stage B5 Blue order back in Colorado at a friends shop, my mom is visiting me for my 21st next week and it bringing it then. 


Up next once those panels are welded into place is the left frame rail...wish me luck!









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