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Rear window glass and chrome trim (1954/55/56 Buick Century/Special sedans)

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I am selling the rear window and associated chrome trim off of my parts car.  I am selling because I cannot use this on my main car.  20180720_180359.thumb.jpg.0f53ee2774d76c2ada58d5ed7ebe30bd.jpg20180720_180622.thumb.jpg.145ca887fb0afa04f520fb9556059f62.jpgThe rear window glass is in very good condition.  It has a couple minor scratches on it, but other than that, is practically flawless.  Also, there is the associated chrome trim.20180720_180509.thumb.jpg.e83a044325864505544a6a6e57129d9f.jpg20180720_180549.thumb.jpg.9db5cf90fbcd72e9481332480534c08b.jpgThe trim has no bends or kinks.  However, it does have some light scratches that can be buffed out.  The whole trim set is in very good condition.



Both of these items should fit a 1954 and 55 Buick Century and Special, tourback sedan.  This can also fit 1956 Special sedans.


The glass is selling for $75 plus shipping.  

The trim is selling for $50 plus shipping.


Thank you.




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