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(#10) What is it? Identify that car!We recently received a massive...

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What is it? Identify that car!



We recently received a massive collection of prewar car photographs. We are equipped to identify cars in photographs. Due to the volume of unidentified images, we decided to try something new….and something that is hopefully fun for you!

Do you think you have what it takes to ID the vehicle(s) in the image? If so, please give us the make and model year and, whenever possible, the reasons why you believe your identification is correct. Some vehicles will be easier to identify than others, but we will share them all with you regardless. After we receive some guesses, we will check our available resources to see how you did. Good luck!

These two photos depict a fun camping trip. One shows the side of the vehicle. The other shows the front end. The car has disc wheels.

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It is a 1924 Studebaker Special Six Duplex Phaeton. The Special Six used a smaller bore version of the Big Six engine and had a shorter wheelbase as well. The Duplex Phaeton was a touring body with a permanently fixed hard top.  1924 was the first year for that style radiator and from 1925 they went to 20" balloon tyres. It can be seen this one is on the older tall, skinny tyres - 32 x 4 - which are quite a small size for a car probably weighs most of 4,000 lb loaded. I think the accessory three bar bumper dates the photo to at least the late 1920s.

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