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I have to share this story with you guys.  I bought my 64 in 1972 from a local used car dealer.  I don't know how many owners the car had before my purchase but the original "Built Expressly For" plaque was still on the console.  The name on it was "A. Caponigro, Jr."  I always wanted to find this person and of course the internet didn't exist then and over 24 years of owning the car, I never found the original owner.

In 1996, I decided to sell the car and put it in the car corral at a car show.  Three guys were walking by the car and I overheard one of them say "hey, that looks like Tony Caponigro's old car."  I immediately ran over to the guys and asked him to repeat what he just said.  The guy repeated the name and I responded that indeed it was his old car and I can prove it.  I asked if he was still alive and the guys said he was.

Long story short, I sold the car that afternoon to someone else but how weird is it that on the last day of ownership, I found a link to the original owner?  I was really happy with that.  In the early 80's I found a blank "Built Expressly For" plaque that was never engraved and I bought it.  My plan was to replace the original with my name but I never got around to doing it.  I still have the blank plaque!

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Pat, take the blank to a local engraver after you have identified the script style. The engraver will want to know the font so he can engrave the way you want it. Good story. Thank you for filling us in. 

Red Riviera Bob

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