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What is it? Identify that car!



We recently received a massive collection of prewar car photographs. We are equipped to identify cars in photographs. Due to the volume of unidentified images, we decided to try something new….and something that is hopefully fun for you!

Do you think you have what it takes to ID the vehicle(s) in the image? If so, please give us the make and model year and, whenever possible, the reasons why you believe your identification is correct. Some vehicles will be easier to identify than others, but we will share them all with you regardless. After we receive some guesses, we will check our available resources to see how you did. Good luck!

These three pictures appear to feature the same car. Bonus points if you can identify any of the locations. 

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Thanks, @nzcarnerd . It's definitely a Marmon 34, and after looking at our Marmon book I have to agree. It is not easy to narrow things down on sight alone. Going off of memory, I remember reading that hood louvers were introduced in 1921, so it would be a circa 1916 to 1920. In 1918, the front windshield shape on the touring car was squared off, while the 1917 and prior were rounded. With the top up in the photos, it is very hard to tell which variation is we have here. 1330121465_1918Marmon34_0002.thumb.jpg.7a526059c1777a95770f761a2d3a29cf.jpg1468386042_1916Marmon34(2).thumb.jpg.ef49ad499a6947a8ae45f4e4b0df228e.jpg 

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