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Thanks to AACA and all Forum members....

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13 hours ago, trimacar said:

when you leave a business or profession, you also leave behind a lot of contacts and "business friends".



Truer words were never written!

When I sold my shop to a friend after the newness of retirement set in I started dropping in every day to have my wake-up twice a day.

I never missed the headaches for a split second but missed many of the customers and also the familiarity of the shop my grandfather founded.

AND I still know a few things too....... ;) 

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8 hours ago, 61polara said:

David, you've been a great asset here.

Thanks!  I may not know everything, but I'll sure try to pretend like I do!


I know that I found out in my engineering profession that you didn't need to know everything.  You just had to know the correct people who knew what you didn't know. And, education teaches you how to find out things.


As they say, college is a fountain of knowledge where kids go to drink.....



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indeed I thank me too AACA :)
I am French and it is not easy to make me understand with the translator, but you arrive when even describe me, thanks to you I learn a lot, I see a lot of car that I have never seen in France, I also see landscapes that I do not see at home. Even a simple sign on the road is a pleasure to see :)
I am very happy to be able to speak with you, it is very rewarding :)
thank you all !! ;)






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David, congratulations on your milestone!  I thought it was great when I hit 2000 but you're way ahead of most of us.  Always a great contributor.  Look forward to seeing you at Gettysburg - leaving in the morning.


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