6 volt starter turn over slow or fast?

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Resistance in wire



The resistivity is fixed by the material. Clearly, the larger the wire, the lower the resistance. Remember that A = π.r2 so a wire of twice the diameter has a quarter the resistance.


Current I = V/R. So for maximum current, you need the smallest reasonable R. With 6 V, there aren't many Volts available to lose through resistance, so use a big wire.


1 AWG = 0.2893 mm dia. and 406 Ω/m.


00 or 2/0 AWG = 0.3648 mmdia. and 255 Ω/m or a 37 % reduction in resistance for a 26% increase in diameter.


And with 37 % less resistance, you can draw 58 % more current to operate your starter.


So my advice is to use the bigger cable!

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