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What is it? Identify that car!



We recently received a massive collection of prewar car photographs. We are equipped to identify cars in photographs. Due to the volume of unidentified images, we decided to try something new….and something that is hopefully fun for you!

Do you think you have what it takes to ID the vehicle(s) in the image? If so, please give us the make and model year and, whenever possible, the reasons why you believe your identification is correct. Some vehicles will be easier to identify than others, but we will share them all with you regardless. After we receive some guesses, we will check our available resources to see how you did. Good luck!

This one appears to be a hybrid between a truck and steam traction engine. It was in the service of the Hammersmith Distillery, based in London, England.

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It is a Foden Steam Waggon (two 'g's when it is steam powered).  This one looks to have pneumatic tyres so the photo was probably taken in the 1920s or 1930s but the vehicle could date from pre WW1.


Here is something similar in its original style.  Note the rounded shape of the cover just behind the smokestack. Later ones have a different shape in that area.


Fairly inefficient things with not much load space but there were thousands of them on the roads in Great Britain up until the mid 1930s when rule changes forced most of them off the road. There are still quite a few in preservation.


Image result for "foden steam waggon"

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I took this one of a slightly later Foden at The Great Dorset Steam fair in 2016.

IMG_4513 (800x487).jpg

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