1954 Dodge/Fargo

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I need help with my 1954 Fargo. Found this truck in Alberta. It is an FC1D  - Serial number 91510966.  This tells me that it is a very early 1954 3/4 ton.  The suspension was altered and has a Ford dually rear end.  I also have a 1953 Dodge 1/2 ton frame in excellent condition.  My intent was to mount everything from the 54 3/4 ton on the older 1/2 ton frame (B3B).  However, there appear to be several technical problems that my not allow this change.  First, can't identify the Fargo motor.  The cylinder head has DCPD and L38 along with the number 1534099 stamped on it.  The motor number stamped on the upper left corner is 7317 1081C.  Can anyone tell me if this is a 228, 230, 232.6 or a 250 CI?  Second, the older 1/2 ton motor was mounted directly to the frame via motor mounts incorporated on the flywheel housing.  My intent was to use my Fargo motor, the flywheel housing from the B3B engine and the better of the two transmissions.  However, the older motor has a 23 inch block whilst my Fargo sports a 25 inch block.  So that idea might be out the window.  I am trying to stick with period components and remain as close to stock as possible.  Even found a FARGO tailgate out in Alberta.  I'll cut this off until I get some feedback.  My expertise over the years has been with MGs (TD, TF and A models).  George in Galeton, PA

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