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Havana Car Club

Meetup with fellow classic car owners in Havana - hosted travel

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I am an American living in Havana, Cuba and run a travel organization here.

My group would like to connect with car people in the US that would like to experience the classic car culture in Cuba. We would host you and put you together with fellow classic car owners in Havana.


I am fortunate to have a very close relationship with the Havana Classic Car Club along with several well known mechanic-restorers that were featured in the Discovery Channel "Cuban Chrome" series. Here on our website is the meetup we offer with those gentleman.


This would be a fully hosted program for 6-12 people for 5-7 days of activities. 
Along with meeting mechanic-restorers the program can include:
- car rallies and events put on by the Havana Classic Car Club 
- transportation throughout with classic cars owned by our network of professional drivers
- visits to car museums
- visits to other professionals who specialize in maintenance, repair, and body work
- car touring outside of Havana
- special food, entertainment, and party events with Cuban car owners
- cigar and rum tastings
- lodging in excellent private homes and villas that we manage


We would design a custom travel program geared toward the interests and budget of your group. 


Contrary to a lot of false information going around - traveling to Cuba is not difficult at all. I invite you to get in touch if this program appeals to you and we can talk on the phone. 


best regards,
Philip R.
Hosted In Havana - Boogalu Productions
+535.406.1181 mobile

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