Pete in PA

This isn't a 36 Dodge for sale

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Spotted this craigslist offering while sipping my coffee this morning.  Seller thinks it's a 36 but it isn't.  The grille shell didn't look right to me but when I got to the rear end and saw the fuel filler cap location I *knew* it wasn't a 36 Dodge.  Instrument cluster is wrong, too.

Anyone know what year it is?




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I think I've solved my own mystery...  A little poking around the web tells me that this is a 1935 Dodge.  Someone please correct me if you thnk I'm wrong.

Looking up the production numbers I was surprised to see that the four door non-touring sedan was much more popular for 1935 than it was for 1936.  About 33,000 built vs. the 74k four door touring sedans.  From what I read the touring sedan was introduced for 35 so maybe it took a little while for the enclosed trunk idea to catch on. 

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