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Olds 1965 88-98-Starfire front fender extension

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That part does not fit a 1966 F-85. The 1966-67 F-85/Cutlass fender extensions look like this:




  Your part is from a 1965 Olds full size (Delta 88 and Ninety Eight), as seen in this photo. The Oldsmobile parts book confirms that P/N 589852 fits all 1965 Oldsmobile EXCEPT F-85. Good luck with the sale.



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4 hours ago, Nos.eddy said:

Thank joe,for the infomation on the olds part.#589852 of the fender extension I posted .

1965 Oldsmobile .



You might have better results if you correct the title of your ad.  This part does not fit an F-85.


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