Gary W

Brian DePouli's '38 - 80C in Hemmings Classic Car

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Great job in the Hemmings Classic Car regarding the restoration of your BEAUTIFUL 1938 Roadmaster 80-C Sport Phaeton!!

Very nice story and photos.

Love seeing colleagues bringing these beautiful Buicks back to life!


Looking forward to part 2



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Thanks Gary,

Terry, the author and photographer from HCC, did a great job on part 1 and I too am looking forward to seeing the second part of this article. I'm glad to being getting the press for myself of course, but the BCA as well. My father received his copy Saturday just in time for father's day which I thought apropos. I supplied Terry with access to all my pictures which were date coded and it was interesting to me to read about how quickly (or slowly) I did certain parts of the restoration. I didn't realize some of the durations until Terry noted it in the article. Something you don't really think about when you are in the heat of the restoration.

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