WTB - Parts For Roadmaster 75R

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I was recently in an accident with my car and now need to find some spares to get it back on the road.


The list from the repairer:


57 Buick Roadmaster 75R;

1.    R/H Sill -  inner and outer

2.    L/H  Sill – inner and outer

3.    Front bar centre

4.    Radiator support panel

5.    R/H Top ball joint

6.    R/H Bottom ball joint

7.    R/H Front guard

8.    L/H SS Lower rear quarter cover

9.    R/H SS Lower rear quarter cover

10.  Brake master cylinder kit

11.  L/H Front guard

12.  Rear Bar

13.  Front grille inner panels

14.  Front stone tray

15.  Fuel tank


I'm hoping members here will have some parts for sale or could point me in the direction of someone who does.


Hope you guys can assist.


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What's a front bar centre? The upper grille bar between grille and hood, or the shorter bar in the center of the grille with pointed ends? I might have both, but have to look. I have the ball joints but they are expensive---I paid a lot for them (new).

Don't know what a "rear bar" is.

LH and RH sill--we call them rocker panels here in the US. CARS, Inc. in New Jersey sells them. They also sell the master cylinder rebuild kit. oldbuickparts.com I think is their web site. If you were a member of the Buick Club of America, you would see their ad in the magazine every month, plus many other parts ads.

Left and right front bumper guards--if you are talking about the small, vertical ones, I think I have them, too. Will have to look. If you are talking about the big, round guards on each end of the bumper, I have one but not both.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, Texas

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… just curious regarding the resulting perceived or real need for both upper and lower ball joint replacements as per the opinion of your repairer … So this begs the question exactly what specification is he basing his judgement call on .. ?  I bring this point up because there has been much to do about nothing in declaring the 1957 Buick upper and lower ball joints ( new for GM Buick in 1957 ) faulty when indeed they are not as they were engineered to be just ever so loose ... and by chance if indeed this repairer is not sufficiently versed and educated on the peculiar specifics of the 1957 ball joints specifications it would truly be a shame to replace both completely good ball joints adding to that the lower one is rarer to find then the upper one …  So please be advised  … Many exhaustive posts have been made over this very same point as one can do a search on this site and the official  Factory Buick Chassis Shop Manual has a discussion about this and the precise correct procedure one must follow specifically to competently determine if a 1957 Buick ball joint is good or not and it includes using a specific gauge tool as well… and one cannot use the techniques used by simply wigging or raising the hub in or out and up or down like on other makes or models in general ….  hope this helps - uncle dave

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" Don't know what a "rear bar" is. "  Probably bumper bar.


Any (sad) photos of the damage?

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