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I do not have any running boards that I can use or copy for my DA. Presumably the originals rusted away and fell off. They were replaced with wooden ones, which are rotted and had virtually fallen off also. I thought I had seen some measurements on this forum, but I can not seem to find them now, so I may be mistaken. Does anyone have some accurate measurements so I can make some?

Thanks, John.

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Hi John,


Mine are also shot, so am looking to replace them at some point. I think Romars sell them, but at a cost...then there is the price of shipping from the states, which always seems to be huge compared to shipping the other way. One of mine is in existence just about and could look at getting some measurements if you want. I have a few pictures I've collected which may help. I guess you need a good folder to get the ribs done.

I'm not sure who posted these originally  - maybe someone else has info??




Old%20running%20board - Copy.JPG

run board orig a.jpg

run board orig2 a.jpg

runboard from Romar.jpg

running board2 a.jpg

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It is similar in design to the running boards on the 1932 DL. See Taylormade's topic about Daphne; there are is a detailed sequence on making them.

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Thanks Fellas.

I have been collecting photos as well, and between these and the lot I have, I now have a pretty good idea how they are made. There is a very good metal fabrication place locally that I am sure that would be able to do the job, they have done things for me in the past that others have been unable to do. I just need accurate measurements and thought that someone on this forum may have already had them on hand. 

No problem, I know of a very original DA about 50 miles away and I am sure that I can get them myself, I just need to get there to do it. The owner is a great bloke and I always enjoy a visit anyway.

I have had offers from the US to have some made, but as you say, the shipping costs, not to mention the currency exchange rates, make this a very expensive exercise for me. 

I will see how I go getting the measurements myself.

Thanks again,


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