Original 1932 Chevrolet Special Sedan With 41K Miles For Sale this time with PICTURES

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My father has decided to sell his original 1932 Chevrolet Special Sedan with 41,000 miles. He purchased it in 1981 from the second owner’s grandson. It is believed to have been sold new in Spokane, Washington and then traded in when just one year old. Dad has the 1934 Washington registration along with a clear Washington title. The car was built in Oakland, California has the original Manganese Blue paint still on it and the original mohair upholstery. It is a completely original numbers matching car, to our knowledge none of the mechanical parts have ever been changed. When we purchased the car the right front side mount fender had been so badly damaged that it was cost prohibitive to fix it so we replaced it with a new old stock fender.

       Much work has been performed on the car and many accessories have been procured for it. The list of accessories are as follows: the factory extension trunk and rack, the right hand tail light, the second horn (then we had them both restored), a factory heater, and factory mirror clock, factory wind wings. If you would like to arrange to see the car or would like more information please contact me through the AACA mail system. The car is located thirty miles out of Spokane, Washington. As for the price, $11,000.00.

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 002 - Copy.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 005.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 006.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 007.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 008.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 010.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 012 - Copy.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 013.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 015 - Copy.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 016.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 017.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 018.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 019 - Copy.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 025 - Copy.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 026.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 028.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 029.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 033.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 045.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 047.JPG

Dad's 32 Chevrolet 020.JPG

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For all you guys that have your panties in a wad over me using the term “matching numbers” in the above advertisement for my Father’s 1932 Chevrolet, what I was trying to relate was the meaning. It is my understanding that the term “matching numbers” implies that said car has all of it’s original components and that nothing appears to have been changed during the cars life time.  Please see the attached documents that relate to Dad’s 1932 Chevrolet Special Sedan. I have shown the below data to Skip Geear of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America and he agrees with my conclusion.  



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My Father has ask me to lower the price on his 1932 Chevrolet in the hopes of attracting someone whom would make it a good home. The price now is $11,000.

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