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Matt Harwood

41 Lincoln power window pump

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I have this 1941 Lincoln Custom 7P sedan sold and when it arrived, the windows had been freshly serviced and were fully operational. Unfortunately, whomever did the work filled it with brake fluid, which, of course, absorbed water and ruined pretty much everything. We've replaced the lines and window cylinders, but the pump is not putting out enough pressure and won't run the windows properly.


The '41 system is unique to the 1941 Lincolns. It uses a horizontal pump under the floor, not the more familiar vertical pump under the hood. In addition, it is a push/pull pump, in that to put the windows up, it pumps one direction and to put them down, it runs in reverse. This is NOT like the later cars where the pump just puts the windows up and a spring pulls them down. The pump is unique to 1941. A later pump won't work. I've tried. A pump from a Cadillac or Buick won't work, it's the same.


I have tried the usual sources for repairs and parts and they have been unable to help:


Boos-Herral Continental Parts

The fellow in PA with all the NOS parts, whose name I forget


Does anyone have any alternatives? The car is sold and I'm actually looking at buying it back because I can't fix the windows, which obviously renders the car pretty useless. The fellow from whom I got it is quite ill, so I am not interested in making it his problem, although it really should be. Great car otherwise, but once again, a hack mechanic has traveled forward in time to make mischief. 


The 6V electric motor on the pump works fine, so what about a pressure manifold from a bulldozer or a backhoe or something? I need the hydraulic part that can run forwards and reverse to push and pull with about 400 PSI of pressure. Anyone with experience here?





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