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Metz Wheel Bearings

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Hello Everyone,


           My 1914 Metz Model 22 has one front wheel bearing which is nearing the end of its useful life.  The other bearing on that wheel and the bearings on the other front wheel are serviceable. I have not looked at the rear wheel bearings just yet.


           My question is: Have any of you found modern replacements for the front wheel bearings and if so would you share the part numbers for the cone and cup?  Studying the Metz parts book suggests that the rear outer bearing is the same as used on the front wheels and the the inner rear wheel bearing is different. Would any of you have numbers for that bearing as well? 


             I doubt that I am the first Metz owner to have to replace the original ball bearings with modern tapered roller bearings and I am hoping that some good soul here will offer some assistance. If I am breaking new ground here then I will share whatever information I discover. 


Thank you in advance,

Bill Harper

Keene, New Hampshire




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Hi, somewhere in the forums I saw a post that listed replacements bearings for the Metz, being very ill at the time I am sure I saved the link, but I can not find it and have being searching forums to find as I may need replacements asap.


Have searched AACA and HCCA, have a feeling may have been Model T forum, have to search by year


On the modern side was getting front wheel bearings on my Ford replaced, the type bearing used was very similar to Metz ball race, just  bit bigger in diameter, when back in the big cities am going to bearing place to see if they have smaller version.


I needed to find a seal for diff near brake drum, found one I think will work with slight modification, will post this when done

Regardd Dave

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