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1932 Olds Throttle Springs

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I have newly made throttle linkage springs which are virtually exact copies of the original and were made by duplicating my intact original. Most original springs have long been broken and replaced with common extension springs. Put your throttle linkage back to original condition with these approximately .075 music wire. No more removing your original spring after showing in fear of it breaking. $10 ea plus shipping.


Note: spring on bottom right of first picture is my original and not for sale. Spring on bottom left is a copy made with a remainder of wire I had and is just a spare, not for sale. All on the top row are for sale.


second picture shows a newly made spring installed on my linkage 



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I’ve now made up some starter pedal linkage springs, $15ea. Made from matching diameter music wire.  These are not reproduced anywhere and are used on many cars of the period.



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