The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

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With my doors pretty much done,  I have gotten back to working on those upper windows.

The 6 I had almost finished cutting down had a strip of raw wood showing on the outside because of the original lap of the Double hung.  

With my latest acquisition a siding brake I was able to make some custom caps.  Having never used on before it took a few minutes and a you tube video to achieve the shape I wanted.  Of course I screwed up a couple first,  but put them in the pile as I can use them for making nailing flanges out of later. After making the first,  I had a pattern and I made quick work of the other 5.  

Here is a shot of before and after as well as one with the caps all lined up before a quick painting to give them a good match to the Pella windows Hartford green.  The paint should be cured enough tomorrow to actually put the windows all together. The way I bent them,  They actually pretty much install without any fasteners. and are pinched in place by the top of the window jamb.  Should look factory when I'm all done,  especially from 12 foot below. 

Now on to the next 6 windows I have to make the jambs from scratch and make them look pretty much the same as the Pella ones on the inside. 

It took a little brain crunching to figure out an easy way to build them with a sloped sill and be able to cap everything exposed outside with metal all while making it look factory.  With a few test bends to get a feel for the capabilities of the brake. I think I have come up with a way to wrap it weathertight. 

I dug through my pile of rejected wood from the garage project,  pulled a bunch of defective boards and ripped them down for window stops.  Then dug my planer out of my car trailer (of course it was in the back in front of my blast cabinet so I had to man handle it over everything to get it out the side door).  Would have been nice to have some help,  but I've learned to work alone pretty well. 

I found the mice had somehow gotten into my trailer (still not sure how as it's a 1 year old trailer I leave closed up) and built a big nest under the planer.  I'm still not sure what they built it out of as nothing looks like any of the material I had in the trailer.  Fortunately they didn't build it in the planer and the planer looks to be untouched.  It worked fine as well.  Of course after a little lubrication.  I don't think I have used it in 4 or 5 years. 

Hopefully tomorrow I can get some of the other 6 windows built.  I have the jambs all cut. 





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