1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport GS 1 of 1 in Bronze

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1 hour ago, steelman said:

In the picture above it lists Riviera specifically, but does not list the 4700(0) series, which is Riviera, above that.


IIRC, the series number for the Riviera changed to 49000 in 1965.

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16 hours ago, Col Andy - USMC said:


Thanks for correction on E-body, normally I restore Wildcat’s.  Sorry we didn’t link up at Rosemont.


With regard to the Riviera optional oversized tire, I pulled my reference material, and I had size wrong it was 8.85 x 15, which was the standard tire in 1965 for the Electra 225....see attached chart from the 1965 Buick Adjustments Guide...it show’s an optional larger tire for Lesabre, Wildcat, and Riviera.  Also in owners guide on page 54 discussing when to use an oversized tire, but does not specify size.


As to transition from small emblem to large, I pulled date of mid-Dec 1964 from ROA web summary document on 1965 RivGS...that said, I also saw an old post on AACA that say’s transition was likely at end of Dec...


Best Andy


  Oh yes, this is a carry over  of the typo which exists in the shop manual also.

  The factory wholesale car order, which is the form the sales person would have filled out to actually order the car, only lists the F1 tire option which is described as "whitewall tires 8.45 X 15". There is no other tire option listed on the form.

  In addition, the Buick Daily Car Report, which breaks down what Buick actually built, shows 33463 Rivs built with the 8.45X15 whitewall and 1123 Rivs built with 8.45X15 blackwalls which was the standard tire. This total, 34,586 represents total Riviera production including exports.

  In my opinion the ROA web summary document is in error. I dont know where the mid-december guestimate originated but several cars have surfaced over the years, including one in this thread, which are later than mid-december body builds with small emblems.

  I have a `65 GS which is the last week in December body build with large emblems. This car was likely assembled after the Christmas break which is when I think the changeover occurred. I have spoken with old timers who were actively employed by Buick during this time period and was told it was common place to institute running production changes such as the emblem changes over the Christmas break.


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Yes - that is one beautiful Gran Sport.  Congrats Andy on your excellent restoration. 


Some may quibble about factory correctness, but you know that any of us would be proud to own that car!


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