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These Carter WCD carburetors have metering rods and when you are rebuilding them those rods need to be properly adjusted.  Carter put out tools to do this very adjustment.  The tools are still out there but you have look for them.  I stumbled across and bought a complete set of Carter tools which include the metering tools at a swap meet.  You may try ebay or there's a guy who posts here on these AACA forums goes by the name 'carb king' and he could probably set you up the appropriate tools and he's very knowledgeable.  Whey buying a rebuild kit for your carburetor make sure it is compatible with today's ethanol fuels.  Also you should get a gallon can of carburetor cleaner.  It is paint can sized and you dip the carburetor parts in it and it does a nice job.


That Carter book/binder you have is nice thing to have.  I am not sure what it encompasses but a good OEM manual by Carter is very helpful.  Originality is king - Keep the faith!


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