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Kean Thompson

Please identify these wheels.

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I have a set of these rather nice wheels.

Diameter at front = 24"

Hub Diameter = 8 1/4"

Rear Brake Drum Diameter = 13"

Hub bolts = 3" between and 6 1/4" across the centre


If anyone knows what rims are required to attach to these, please let me know so I can 'begin the hunt'





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There is a good chance that if you closely examine the fellow band you will find the manufactures name stamped in. Most of the ones I have are stamped. Remove the red paint and lightly bead blast the band. The stamping is sometimes faint so I would not take a power wire brush to it. Probably the name, wheel man. assn. stamp and size.  Once you know the Manufacturer the I.D. becomes a lot easier.  Stamping is in my experience always on the rim surface of the band not the side facing the wood so no need to remove the band from the wheel.


Greg in Canada

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