**FREE**....1927 Dodge Brothers Four Drivetrain Components....**FREE**

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Just recently a fellow from Jupiter, Florida called me and informed me that he is moving in the next couple months and he would like to give away for free the drive-train components from a 1929  DeSoto K and a 1927 Dodge Brothers four cylinder. He instructed me that he will only give them away in a complete lot. In other words, you must take all the 1929 DeSoto parts or you must take all the 1927 Dodge Brothers and if someone wanted to take everything that would be OK also. He has a motor cherry picker to load the motors with, he told me that he can’t take these parts with him and the only choice he has is to give them away or scrap them. He would really like to see someone get some good use out of these parts!! I am posting these parts on the DeSoto forum and the Dodge Brothers forum for him since he doesn’t have a computer so if you are interested please call Larry at 561-339-7708 and please remember that you must take everything pertaining to the DeSoto or the Dodge Brothers or both

IMG_9194 (960x1280).jpg

IMG_9195 (1280x960).jpg

IMG_9203 (1280x960).jpg

IMG_9204 (1280x960).jpg

IMG_9205 (1280x856).jpg

IMG_9206 (1280x960).jpg

IMG_9210 (1280x960).jpg

IMG_9211 (1280x960).jpg

IMG_9212 (960x1280).jpg

IMG_9214 (1280x960).jpg

IMG_9215 (1280x960).jpg

IMG_9219 (1280x960).jpg

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Hi Dave et all:

I just spoke with Larry and made arrangements for everything. I am interested in only the Dodge parts but will make available for pick up any of the DeSoto parts. I will be picking them up either next week or in about 6 weeks and bringing them to NW Georgia. Please contact me if you are interested in the DeSoto parts. 

Thanks for posting this. 


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Hi All:

I have a couple of interesting pieces from this lot and I am not sure if they are Dodge or Desoto. There will be a duplicate post on the Desoto link. Front and reverse shown. The piece on the left I believe is an rear seat heater that works off the exhaust system. The piece on the right looks like it may be a floor pan? Although rust colored it is all surface rust and is pretty solid. If someone can ID it would be appreciated. These came in the lot of parts for a 1927 DB and 1929 Desoto K series. 



Unknown 1.JPG

Unknown 2.JPG

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