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reach rod end for 36 Dictator Coupe

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Hello Everyone,

I have been looking for a reach rod end for my 36 Dictator Coupe, part #188061 for 2 years.  Mine is the one with the spring on it and the other one  I purchased with the same part number is the other one in the picture.  Can someone help me with any information.  The last thing that I want to do is start cutting on the original one to make the other one work.




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In looking at the 1940 Studebaker Parts Catalog it appears your "original" spring loaded end is part number 199210 which is listed for a Model 5A (1937 Dictator), shown in the parts book as "Type G". According to the parts book these were sold as a complete unit (note the non-threaded end of the shaft). The other part shown appears to be 188061 for a Model 3A (1936 Dictator), which was a different design and is noted as "Type F" in the parts book (note threaded end), these units were of the type that could be disassembled and the various components purchased separately. Attached is a scan of the parts book page. Related to this I bought a bunch of older Studebaker parts a few years ago and it include the NOS spring loaded tie rod (or reach rod?) end shown in the photo below. It had no part number, so I'm not sure what it fits, however it looks very similar to your original end, however the shaft appears to be a little longer. If it's something you might be interested in send me a PM. 



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My take on it is that your LH end is a drag link or reach rod end for 3A, 5A, LHC, Part number 188061. The new one looks correct too.


The RH end looks more like a tie rod end (or perhaps a bell crank end as fitted to RHC cars). What is the tie rod set up in your car?


As for the other end of the drag link, it is made up of components:

511255 Seat, reach rod ball - drilled

511256 Spring, reach rod ball seat, 4 coils

511260 Washer, reach rod ball seat spring

511252 Plug, reach rod adjusting 1-1/16" x 18 (arm end)

436-0432 cotter, 1/8"x2"

716-02 Grease fitting, Alemite straight

730-02 Grease fitting, Alemite 67.5o.


Try Then and Now (oldpartstom) for the components (speak to Tom Hannaford, the owner). You will have to measure the ball diameter and the taper of the bolt plus its thread size and tpi. I fitted Chev parts to my 1930 Dodge Brothers with spacers because the springs are shorter. They make the balls if needed.


I have a listing for tie rod ends used only on '35, 36 & 37 Studebakers with planar suspension. I haven't found a reference to tie rods in the '36 with conventional front suspension.

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It may have something to do with the suspension as the Model 3A has a solid axle  while the 4A has the planar suspension.  I assume the 5A also has the solid axle. You did not mention which model you have.

Jerry Kurtz may be able to help you.


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1 hour ago, Dennis Charest said:

I am unsure what you mean by tie rod set up.

The 1936 Shop Manual doesn't say much about the conventional set-up, other than it is similar to previously. The 1935 manual says you have a reach rod from the steering arm to the "right steering knuckle arm. The steering knuckle arms are linked together by the steering tie rod."


My parts book ('34-46) doesn't seem to mention the tie rod. .....should have looked harder: I see the tie rod is listed in Group 12 Front Axle, while the reach rod is under the steering group.

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I also have 2 NOS Studebaker tie-rod with ends, for conventional front axle, part number 180997, fits models; A, 1A, 3A, 5A, J5.


Also one NOS Studebaker tie-rod with ends, part number 190715, for model; 6A, 3C. This has one end with the spring-loaded tie rod end.  


Also one NOS Studebaker reach-rod, no part number, but appears to be Type E in the parts book illustration (see above) which would fit model 1A. 


Can send photos for any of the above.


Send a PM if interested. 

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