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Casper Friederich

Swedish junkyards in days gone by

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Where belongs photos taken in neutral Sweden during WWII? Found a junkyard view from 1943 on Kamerareportage*s site. Many of the cars ar not that old. Notice the gasgenerator on the small van.

Same place, radiators:a quite early Mercedes-Benz, International, Chevrolet, Ford Model A... contains(Skrot))&fileId=A5CBD948DC33DEFCB958D15A9B1860B82F3C6E5A7650582ADEFD7DCD5B5DBC33BF05A508DB124E8CF36E0213D652E7CF20F41CA805891B13C5EA156FF18F0F85379D4FAF87B794ECA2EF8EBD4FBA2769F27CFD27A5D455DB05332A7C5BB2C6E681F4E2838E21C7F9B7612CFC8FA7B4938437E1C1BF5A5E33#.WiljzFVl_IU

Another place in 1960, Citroën Traction Avant, Mercedes-Benz 170V:


Finally twenty years later from the two first pictures, among the Fiat 600 and Volvo's a Borgward Isabella of pre-1959 model

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