Are 225-60-16 tires OK on 1988 Reatta ?

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Do a search on tire size on this forum and you will find lots of discussion and history.

To answer your specific question.......the original tire on the 1988 was 215/65r15 and had an approximate diameter of 26 inches.

Going to 225/60r16 changes that diameter 26.6 and will change the speedometer 2.4 %

Go to and you can enter the original size.....then enter other sizes you are considering and it will tell you the changes in diameter, revs per mile, etc.

Example, going to 235/55r16 changes the diameter to 26.2 and only changes the speedometer 0.7% ......clearance is not a problem

I ran 245/50 r 16, it affected the speedometer by 2% but there were no clearance problems (that was with stock must consider offset differences if you are changing to aftermarket or wheels from another GM product.)

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4 hours ago, ski.dive said:

Are 225-60-16 tires OK  on a 1988 Reatta?


That size tire will work just fine on your '88. The 225-60/16 is the size tires I have on my car. You will need to mount them on wheels that have the correct offset (like the ones on big GM cars) or there might be a clearance problem between the tire and the spring perch on the front struts. As Barney said, the speedometer will be off. Mine reads about 2 mph slow at 70 mph.

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I have them on 16x7 Bonneville wheels on both my Reattas, second set of Micelins on one.

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