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Convertible - Final Step to Latch Top

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I asked someone in a PM this question but have not had an answer yet. 


I put the top up on my convertible yesterday.  I followed a two page Buick Reatta instruction sheet that had step 7 being to pull the red lever.  Step 8 is to push the top down into the tonneau.  I am talking about the two pins.  So - not going. 


This is a new convertible top and the clothe covering over the red lever is buttoned in, not Velcro.  So - pulling on the red lever (if that even does anything) is difficult and runs my hand into a sharp part of the top frame.


Then my wife was pushing down on the top and it is "taut" and won't push down easy.  Maybe because it's a new top.


Do I unlatch the top at the windshield and "reverse engineer" it by attaching the two pins at the back, then pull it forward to latch at the windshield? 

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I have owned 3 convertibles and even on the 1991 with the power pull down, do the back first.

On the 1990's  fully latch the rear then you can push down on the top front corner and latch those one at a time.

On the 1991, I would start the rear, do the front then finish the rear.

You might also want to raise the tonneau so you can get to the rear latches,  lube them and the cables and work the release a few times.

The red handle release is for the back section of the top.........

When the top is up and you are going to put it down, you release the rear and raise it by hand and that red handle should latch the back and hold it up so you can raise the tonneau or boot.

Then you lower the top into the cavity.........when you are putting the top UP...that back section should still be latched so you can close the boot, then release the red may find it easier to release if

you use the other hand and slightly raise the rear (referred to as the 5 bow in the manuals) this takes the load off the red release handle and it should unlatch easily.

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The convertible top manual used to be online as a .pdf, do you have that ?

- The red lever on the driver's side should not be covered by anything, there is a velrco flap but should not be blocking the lever.

- When the lever is pulled, the rear frame of the top shold drop down with the pins touching the tonneau - a firm push on both sides should lock them

- Now the front rail should be able to be pushed into position to be latched, if not the 4th bow needs to be adjusted until it fits.

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