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I sell the Covercraft line, but you do not need that quality of cover to store your car over the winter.

Check local auto parts stores and look for the grey or tan synthetic material (has a "waffle" pattern) often called  Evolution by Kimberly-Clark.

The auto parts store will carry them in generic S, M, L & XL....the Reatta will need the L size....they can often be purchased for under $100 US.

The other option which I like better if you can do it in your neighborhood.....make a PVC frame, with a pitch/gable (not a flat top) then cover the frame with a

$20-$30 tarp.  The frame keeps the tarp off the car. The pitch lets snow and rain slide off.  The frame design allows for air flow and water will not be trapped between the paint and cover.

The PVC pipe frame will last for years....but you will need to replace the tarp about every 2 years.

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There are many way to construct the PVC pipe frame.........I just did a Google search for PVC greenhouse and you will get enough ideas to give you a start.

To keep it from blowing away......anchor it to the ground with either weights or those tent things that screw into the ground.   If you happen to be on asphalt or concrete you would need to

decide if you want to put anchors in the hard surface or just use something like concrete blocks.   You can also pick up weight lifting weight at Goodwill and other outlets pretty cheap.

Our car club has some fold up tent/canopies and someone in the club used 2 ft long pieces of plastic pipe (4 in) filled them with concrete and put an "eye" bolt in the top of the concrete before it hardened.

The weights are heavy but easy to handle....use as many as it takes to hold the structure down.


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Since you think we don't read your post.......... gallon of water is about 8 1/3 # ....so if you only fill it 3/4 the weight would be around 6 #

Just to let you know we are paying attention.

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Thank you, Barney.


Depending on your climate- you might not need to worry about freezing and splitting the jug open. A few tablespoons of salt would help. We use a lot of them in my area- firewood pile, cars, seasonal equipment, etc.


The day my '89 transmission broke- it was THIS WEATHER.


By the time I could get a good look at it- it was THIS WEATHER (as in photo on that day)


DCP_5219.thumb.JPG.ab978566d7c1ca62eead6be97b342b1c.JPG  then- got to work in THIS WEATHER DCP_5228.thumb.JPG.6646f636582d36777bb86df5a88f8f76.JPG


I can't wait to leave here pretty soon.


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