air cleaner top.

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i noticed that my air cleaner top split at the seams with only the outer part with the screws still attached.i wonder how long ive been driving around using unfiltered air from under the hood.i bought some epoxy to try to fix it.

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I hit a deere recently, messed up the black polymeric housing in which the headlamp resides pretty badly, like broke into pieces. So, I got some steel window screen and cut several appropriately-shaped pieces of it and used them as reinforcements for the epoxy I'd had to use in several places. Amazingly, all the holes lined up to where they should !! So, I recommend reinforcing the epoxy, kinda like the screen acts like rebar. I wonder how it will hold up to the Texas heat.... we'll find out come april. Maybe I should be concerned how it holds up in the cold.... we'll find that out pretty quick here...

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