1970 AMC Rebel SST Wagon

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Didn´t know there was a Rebel wagon. Yours looks a little like the ´67 of ´68 Ambassador wagon we had in 1970(ours had a 290 in it). I made a trip to Clear, Alaska once in a ´59 Rambler Cross-Country wagon...3,700 miles in February, including crossing the Nenana River on the ice!

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On 11/21/2017 at 9:44 PM, Pete Phillips said:

Ambassador and Rebel wagons use the same body for most of these years, so when searching for parts, don't limit yourself to Rebels only. My parents had a 1974 Matador station wagon when I was young, and the doors, glass, and roof of your car look exactly like that one.

Pete Phillips

Leonard, Texas


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