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Horseless Carriage Gazette Magazines - SOLD

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Willy, you'll probably find that old club magazines

don't have a lot of monetary value.  They DO have

historical value, though, and it's interesting to see

what clubs were doing decades ago, and what kinds

of cars people had.


Thankfully, value isn't always measured by dollars!

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That is a fair price for ones that early (although the two Antique Automobiles are newer, based on the orientation of the spine). Any of the major club magazines before about 1970 are desirable enough to have some value and interest. I have almost all HCC Gazettes from 1950 to date, and would like a few more earlier ones. I have about half the Antique Automobile, and most Vintage Ford from the '60s to date, as well as a lot of Bulb Horn (some back into the '50s). I have been trying to keep and fill in these since 1967. These are wonderful reference materials for almost anyone in the hobby. I refer to mine often. 

All that said. I would say please don't throw them out. Give them to someone local, or donate them to the HCFI or Antique Automobile Club libraries. They can sell them as a fund raiser. I recently acquired a large quantity from a local hobbyist who must downsize his collection. I used his to fill in a few issues I was missing, and replaced a few damaged issues I had with better copies. Next year, I must find a new home for several hundred issues myself. If I can get to Bakersfield next year, I may just donate them to the HCFI. 

The '50s Gazettes show up on eBad all the time, asking prices ranging from about $10 to ridiculous. They seem to sell slowly. Most people that really want them (like ME!), already have most of them. Some years ago, I did pay premium price for a few issues I was missing. I think the most I ever paid for a single issue? Was about $20, about eight years ago.

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