A tougher challenge for you... trim identify

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I think this might be a tougher challenge for you, but with the knowledge on here... probably not!  I typed in the number on the back (403095) and the only results I came up with is a guy on eBay selling two of these. He says Oldsmobile Cutlass but does not know the exact application. I used that as a search, but found no results. They almost look like "hood louver" vent trim or some sort of lower vent fender trim?  Any ideas? 


Thanks again for your assistance.  I bought these over 20 years ago, and now don't remember what they were for.









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Don't think this is the correct answer, but it reminds me of Lincoln Mark V fender vent trim. Some had the chrome edge on the vents and some vents were just painted body color.1978 lincoln mark v 4

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I think you are both on the right track, but these are much smaller than the guesses.  I should have stated they measure 4 7/8" long and the chrome portion is only a 1/4" wide.  I was also thinking along the lines of tail light trim?  Some similar to the '66 GTO.  These are not GTO, though.

Thanks for the input so far!


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