George Albright

Have 1900 engine & radiator. Need parts to build a 1900 buckboard racer. See list,photos

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Please see the circa 1904 approx. 4 HP engine below with atmospheric inlet valve above, with the similar period copper finned radiator.For some stupid reason I might build a circa 1904 rear engined buckboard like racer,similar to an Orient Buckboard with these parts,just for kicks. I need a small period front axle,a small chain drive or maybe a shaft drive rear axle,Possibly some type of speed transfer device/transmission,and a small steering column or side or center tiller steering setup. I will use wood frame rails and slats similar to an Orient. A small bucket seat,including one made up of wicker is needed. I want a center seat one seat vehicle. If you or anyone you known might have these items they'd consider selling please let me know. Thanks,George Albright  cell weekdays 10-4 EST best 352 843 1624




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Hello George

Are you still looking for a matching shoe to go on the other foot or have you got one now?


Jokes aside it looks like an interesting project. I hope that eventually some one will step up and help you with the parts that you need. 

For a project like yours you probably need to talk with the English. The Light Car & Edwardian Section of the Vintage Sports Car Club (UK) would be a possible starting point.


Tiller Steering would save you a whole lot of complications.

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